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Drukowanie3D czyli szybkie prototypowanie (Rapid prototyping) jest to wykonanie fizycznych obiektów na bazie modeli 3D, wykonanych w dowolnym systemie do projektowania przestrzennego lub płaskiego*.

*W przypadku dokumentacji 2D nasza firma przerysowuje projekt do 3D

Projekt wykonany w firmie EDF Pracownia Techniczna Andrzej Fiedoruk

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Our company specializes in rapid prototyping services based on series Dimension Stratasys spatial printers. The models are built using advanced and worldwide used technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) which guaranties obtaining precise and fully functional prototypes along with possibly low cost of manufacturing.

Drukowanie 3D

With the help of 3D Dimension is possible to make the project real and surprise your client with prototype at any stage of designing. Thanks to this it is possible to test and check the functionality along the designing stage using the real model created with the ABS material. This material is available in standard colors: white, blue, yellow, green, black, red and grey.

We provide for sale also Dimensions machines models BST 768 and 1200 as well SST 768 and 1200 and Elite